Listen to XFM Radio Online

2023/1/24 2:19:35
If you"re a big fan of XFM then you will be delighted to know that you can now enjoy live XFM radio in the comfort of your own home. The station has launched HD Radio and DAB radio, as well as an online stream. In fact, you can now listen to XFM for free, via your browser.

XFM was a major player in the Britpop craze of the late 90s. It was bought by Capital Radio in 1998, and was relaunched as an overtly commercial competitor to Virgin Radio. Throughout this period, XFM continued to play mainstream indie music, while also launching a number of notable offshoots. One of these offshoots was the launch of XFM Scotland, which rebranded itself as Galaxy. However, it was relaunched into the Absolute Radio brand later on.

XFM has been on the air for over 20 years, making it the longest running commercial radio station in Britain. Although it initially launched as a pirate radio station in the early 1990s, it was officially licensed in 1997 as a London wide station. A year later, it was relicensed nationally. During this time, XFM grew to become one of the most popular and influential national radio stations, thanks to its innovative use of technology and an impressive roster of music talent.

The launch of XFM was a game changer in the radio industry. The company"s combination of innovative software and engineering know-how allowed it to launch a new and highly successful business model. Not only did it enable XFM to operate in a more efficient and cost effective manner, but it also helped XFM to unlock a trove of music and music related information. For instance, XFM boasted the biggest audience figures of any commercial station in the UK during the first decade of the 21st century.

In addition to the many XFM apps on the App Store, XFM has produced a directory listing of its listeners. This is one of the most useful features of the XFM app, as it provides an up-to-date picture of XFM"s listenership. You can view a number of metrics and statistics relating to XFM"s history, including the most popular songs, most downloaded shows and the number of times each song has been played.

There are numerous other things to know about XFM, but the most important is that it"s a highly effective way to bring your favorite radio stations to your device. To get started, you can download a free XFM app for iOS or Android devices, or simply visit xfm.com in your browser. From there, you can enjoy live, in-depth coverage of all the best British and Irish bands and artists. Whether you are an old-school music lover or a newcomer, you will certainly have plenty to choose from. Those interested in staying up to date can even sign up for the XFM newsletter. Alternatively, you can just browse through the station"s website for a plethora of news, photos, and videos.