Google and Sirius XM Create Joint Advertising Program

2023/1/13 13:16:45
Google and Sirius XM have announced a pact to create a joint advertising program to offer targeted ads to Sirius XM"s subscribers. The partnership will allow Google advertisers to place ads in XM"s non-music channels such as talk radio and sports channels. This will enable XM to reduce ad processing fees and also boost ad revenue. In addition, the company will gain access to the many large and small advertisers that use Google AdWords.

In the coming weeks, the two companies will begin making joint offers to consumers. Specifically, Sirius XM will offer a free three-month trial of the service to Google Home and Nest owners. During that time, the Google Assistant will be able to stream channels from the service.

For users, this will allow them to listen to their favorite music or talk shows through the Assistant, without having to take their eyes off the road. Additionally, the service will have the ability to play their local NPR station or an international station. Depending on the type of plan they"re signed up for, they can even play content from the app while they"re listening to a particular station.

Sirius XM is one of the top radio services in the United States. It offers a wide range of channels, including sports and commercial-free music. Users can access the radio through an Android or iOS smartphone, as well as through the Google Home or Nest Hub smart speakers. Those with a Chromecast can even use their tablet as a remote control.

Those who subscribe to SXM will have access to the latest ad-free music and talk shows. SXM subscribers will also have access to premium sports coverage and exclusive comedy. However, some of the features may change over time. Until then, users will have to cancel their subscriptions at least 24-hours before their renewal date.

The SXM App can be downloaded from the Play Store. The app allows users to listen to ad-free music, news, and talk on their mobile devices. There are three subscription options available: Streaming Music & Entertainment, Streaming Platinum, and Music Showcase. Each of these require a different streaming account. Streaming Platinum includes ad-free music, while the other two options come with premium sports coverage and exclusive comedy. To sign up for the service, users must download the app, select their account, and enter their credentials. They can then choose from a variety of filter settings. Alternatively, they can opt for the quick login feature.

XM subscribers can also link their accounts to the mobile app. This will allow them to view the list of programs that Sirius XM is currently playing, as well as playback the stations. One advantage of this is the ability to skip songs, request a specific channel, and bookmark their favorites.

Users can access the app by signing in with a Google or SiriusXM account. Once they"re signed in, the app will remember the most recent station they"ve played, allowing them to quickly navigate through the programming.