KDJ indicator use skills

2023/2/25 17:42:21

◆    Four l Cashbackforextradingindonesiaes in one stock selection method  1.    First all the forextradingindonesia monthly indicators into the oversold area stocks selected, to be categorized;  2. nbsp;     and then select the KDJ weekly indicators in the J cashback forex has penetrated the 0 line, and the weekly indicators K, D two values appear low gold fork stocks;   3.     for the KDJ daily indicators also almost at the same time The KDJ daily indicator also almost simultaneously cashback forex indonesiasued a buy signal stocks, investors can choose which volume continues to enlarge actively buy;   4.      The implementation of the specific buy operation, you can choose the 15-minute stochastic indicators into the oversold area, the lower position in the disk intervention It is worth noting that in order to improve It is worth noting that in order to improve the effective range of stock selection, investors can relax the criteria for the monthly indicator, as long as it reaches oversold, it is not necessary to issue a buy signal, but the requirements of the short term indicators must be strict ◆ Capture the bottom of the rising point with KDJ to capture the bottom of the three waves of the rising point first set the technical indicators parameters, the weekly moving average parameters set to 5, 13, 21, the KDJ set to 5, the monthly line moving average parameters set to 3, 6, 12, the monthly KDJ parameters set to 6 research KDJ with weekly K-line and monthly K-line, rather than daily K-line, so that the effect is better if a stock in the process of continuous decline in line with the following conditions, it means that the stocks downtrend has been exhausted, followed by a wave of very desirable upward market, these conditions are: a. The decline in stock prices completed the decline --bounce - down three waves of the process, and in the third wave down when a new low; two, the stock price in the third wave down process, as the stock price continues to fall, the volume gradually shrinks and remains at a certain level; three, 5, 13, 21-week moving average is a short alignment, or 3, 6, 12-month moving average is a short alignment; four, on the basis of the above, the KDJ gold crossover, and the crossover is received weekly (or monthly positive) in deciding whether to use the weekly or monthly stock selection, the basis is to see which K-line wave shape is clearer, if the weekly K-line wave shape is clearer, then use the weekly line, otherwise use the monthly line in addition to the number of waves, do not have to be overly bound to the constraints of wave theory, as long as the weekly or monthly downward trajectory is basically in line with the three wave form can be, there is no need for too The KDJ indicators critical obtuse J value is the most sensitive, K value is the second, D value is the most stable in the analysis of indicators commonly used in the analysis of KDJ indicators will be used, including: 1, look at the absolute value of the KDJ indicator; 2, look at the shape of the KDJ curve; 3, look at the divergence pattern of the KDJ indicator; 4, look at the K value and D value of the cross Signal Among all the obtuseness phenomena, there is a situation called critical obtuseness The so-called critical obtuseness refers to the most obvious, fierce, direct and shameless way of obtuseness, which refers to a direct straight line from the highest position 100 (or the lowest position 0) to the lowest position 0 (or the highest position 100) without looking back Remember the principle of a direct arrival, if there is a stopover, it does not count When the time parameter of the KDJ is set to a specific value, the KDJ indicator will be set to a specific value. When the KDJ time parameter is set to a specific value, usually nine weeks, i.e. the 45-day KDJ indicator on the daily K chart, to study the critical obtuse state, you will get some valuable results: after the critical obtuse state of this 45-day KDJ appears, there is often a large follow-up market, which is a prelude to the reversal of the stock price trend, often the real main driving wave is still behind. The market appears, so it also has the principle of confirmation: 1, first of all, to comply with the direct arrival, that is, the J value directly from the bottom of the obtuse state running to the top of the obtuse state, without stopping in the middle; 2, because it is judged that a new round of the market appears, so before the stock price trend should be significantly weaker, the adjustment range is larger, the stock price is at the relative bottom, the adjustment time is more adequate, generally in about six months; & nbsp nbsp; 3, J value reached the top of the obtuse position, generally downward retracement, but the retracement of the lowest point should not be lower than about 40 range if the J value and directly from the top of the obtuse back to the bottom position, the upward trend can not be confirmed master the above three confirmation conditions, you can use the 45-day J value of the critical obtuse phenomenon to guide the operation in the obtuse top may not be the best opportunity to intervene, Generally, you can choose to intervene when the J value starts to retrace from the top of the obtuse after the first time to rise again