How much do you know about foreign exchange investment skills

2023/2/25 10:46:26

How to forextradingindonesiavest in foreign cashback forex cashback forex indonesia practice people learn lessons and sum up experience derived from a number of investment skills, the actual combat has a strong guiding meaning foreign exchange market Cashbackforextradingindonesia complex and volatile, so I remind investors not only need to master the general investment strategy, but also must learn certain practical skills below I tell you about foreign exchange investment skills know in the end mastered a few points it ?  Foreign exchange investment skills a: with free money to do investment investment is in our ability to maintain their normal life on the basis of spare capital to do financial projects is not recommended that friends take investment as a major means of getting rich, press on their own everything to do after all, investment are risky, free money lost at least will not affect our normal life, but if you really press on the entire family, the consequences of a little carelessness is really difficult to Calculation Foreign exchange investment skills two: the correct assessment of their personality preferences, choose a suitable investment method If a character is more anxious, difficult to tolerate investors, do not choose a long term trading like stocks, or will inevitably be a long market torture crazy bank capital preservation, funds like a walk after dinner, stocks and futures is like running, and foreign exchange investment is like sea surfing, rock climbing such Extreme sports Forex investment tips three: firm implementation of the original plan, never greedy believe that in school have had such an experience, do a multiple-choice questions, began to feel the choice A later the more you look at the wrong, and finally changed to C, sent the paper only to find the answer is really A, and then this regret ah, if I had known ..... I should not have changed the ..... Sometimes speculation in foreign exchange is more like making a judgment right or wrong non-buy that sell before we make a transaction, we must give ourselves a plan, this profit, loss margin themselves to plan, after the plan in strict accordance with the initial plan to go, avoid greed, fear when the desired goal, the principle of closing the position to leave the field, if the stop-loss point, to close the position more resolutely than the stop gain, the brave man to The skills are for better investment, investment in the accumulation of more skills are mutually supportive, mutually generated if there is a small loss, you can consider him as the cost of the transaction, anything under the sun is the cost, the mindset determines success or failure