Good exit is the most brilliant investor

2023/2/25 9:46:55

Foreign exchange investment requires r Cashbackforextradingindonesiak control, it is a reflection of the ability, but also means a kind of self-restraint, investors should make it a part of investment life, a natural habit Philosopher Kant once said that freedom is not what you want to do, but what you do not want to do what can not do what the biggest characteristic of foreign exchange investment is freedom analysts have said, if your If your investment is free, then you are a successful investor There are risks when investing, so if the foreign exchange forextradingindonesia cheats you, how do you avoid the risk?  The answer is two words cashback forex indonesia The investor who is good at exit is a smart investor, because only exit can achieve the purpose of investment In addition to passive stop loss out, any active closing positions have the intention of active defense to guard profits cashback forex limit losses From the point of view of security defense, exit means the end of risk, thus completely avoiding the uncertain price fluctuations Need to emphasize in particular: the entry and The conditions for exit are not equivalent to the reasons for entry must be sufficient, prudent, sure of victory, but the exit is different, the reason can be simple, hazy, only meet some of the necessary conditions on the line If you try to seek sufficient reasons for exit, then the transaction will certainly be in trouble, which requires investors to anticipate the arrival of risk and react in advance, and requires the possession of the spirit of abandonment, abandoning the exit After the continuation of the market I give the following suggestions for the way to leave the market: (1) inspiration and intuition out of the market sometimes do not need any special reason, because you have been profitable, or even profit, especially in the expected target has been close to the case when inspiration and intuition to remind themselves that the exit, then when the exit (2) technical analysis when the technical indicators set to show the exit signal, especially moving averages show the reverse momentum, or graphical patterns show the possibility of reversal, then the position in hand can be considered all out of technical analysis is the essence of the analysis of market appearances, through the analysis of phenomena to predict the market price, so the effect of the market based on technical analysis is often good although you are likely to lose the market later, but the important thing is to convert the profits, retain and expand the capital (3) cycle analysis price fluctuations sometimes show cyclical Characteristics, so the cycle of analysis for the phase of the turning point can often give a good indication when the time indicates that the turning cycle of the large wave may come, especially in the price trend has been reflected, then choose to exit will be a safe and sound approach In addition, the opposite theory in the exit can sometimes provide useful help, but it can not guide the entry, because the measurement accuracy is too poor, its judgment is still limited to subjective feelings ⑷ When the underlying fundamentals begin to change adversely, or when a potential reversal tends to gain strength, the market may not be performing adversely or even well, but investors should exit the market. There is an implicit fact worth noting: for every step forward in accumulated profits, there is a step closer to a potential loss.