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When filing taxes for forex trading, traders must be aware of several factors. For example, they must know that cash forex is taxed at a lower rate than futures and options trading. Forex traders must www xm com login|should also|must be aware of the 60/40 rule. This rule allows traders to treat 60 percent of their trades as long-term capital gains and only 40 percent as short-term capital gains. In most cases, this can online forex trading companies in pakistan traders minimize their tax bills, especially if they fall into a high-income bracket. Forex traders should also keep detailed records of their trading activities. This means keeping records of their monthly profit-and-loss statements and other expenses related to their trades. They should also consult a tax professional. Of course, they should also hire a reputable forex broker. You can find a list of good forex brokers at Benzinga. As with any other form of investing, you should keep track of your profits and losses. This will make tax filing easier. To calculate your net gain, subtract your starting balance from your ending balance. Take note of any withdrawals and deposits you make, as well as rollover charges and interest income. You should also note the difference between the base currency and quote currency interest rates. Traders should also make sure they are legally classed as self-employed before filing their taxes. Generally, this applies to any forex trading activity that generates more than PS1, 000 in profit. If you are self-employed, you should register for an Unique Taxpayer Reference with HMRC. You should then keep records of your earnings and submit an annual Self-Assessment tax return. Depending on your average earnings, traders can choose between Section 988 and Section 1256. Section 988 is better suited for traders with net capital losses while Section 1256 is more suitable for those who are higher income brackets. The key is to decide on which option works best for your situation at the beginning of the year. If you are a beginner in forex trading, the tax laws can be confusing. Nevertheless, knowing what you owe and what tax bracket you fall into will make the entire process much easier. A good option is to hire a proprietary trading company to help you with this process. Such firms provide you with the funds and trading resources you need to trade successfully. But remember that it is still important to be skilled in trading in order to benefit from the resources and expertise of these companies. Forex traders are allowed to deduct losses on their tax returns. But before you do this, you must first file a Form 4797 with the IRS. You must also include your brokerage statement, as this will help you identify any losses you may have made.